Doing projects in the classroom allows children to express their creativity and build their motor skills

          Getting kids interested in the activities  happens most effectively when their role becomes an active rather than a passive one. By coming up with engaging projects in which students learn by doing rather than simply listening and reading can not only increase their motivation but also can provide kids with study materials they have created themselves.

          Projects can make learning meaningful to students‘ lives in ways that subject-by-subject teaching cannot and can motivate students to take charge of their own learning. Teaching through Projects helps teachers become coaches and mentors by setting up a model for integrated learning. You‘ll find successful projects, teaching strategies, and project design to increase students‘ interest and motivation while meeting curriculum demands.

         So  we want the kids to be able to present  their dream houses in groups. In order to get them confident enough to do this we use structures and newvocabulary ( parts of the house).Students become more active in their learning.They work in groups and they are encouraged to articulate their ideas and question the ideas of others.We don't ask every student to make the exact same picture or sculpture

       After a while we have wonderful houses and we present them in the corridors for  the other students. Students feel proud when they see  their work in the corridors.