Successful students are active learners. Our philosophy is the more profoundly students are stimulated intellectually and emotionally, the more they improve their academic skills. Exploring new ideas has been a lifelong passion for our students. Getting involved in the activities engage students and provide a number of long lasting benefits. At TED Zonguldak College we give importance to team work, commitment, responsibility, leadership and we believe that participating in  school activities also assists in improving social skills.

Any activities from the aspect of recreational to educational programs, chosen by the students are guided by the experienced teachers.



At TED Zonguldak College, there are seven students clubs. Every year these clubs are updated according to demands of our students. Selection of clubs is held at the beginning of the year. Being involved in a club is a great way to stay active, meet new people and gain new skills. The clubs offer various activities throughout the year.

The purpose of all clubs is to allow students with similar interests in arts, crafts, recreational activities and academics to get together and to share experiences and knowledge at the same time diversifying and improving the social life of the students involved and the school in general.

For many clubs mentors and instructors are assigned either from within or even from outside the school to help students learn skills related to their interests such as dancing, photography, playing a specific music instrument, or learning the techniques of mimics, intonations and stage performance for the theatre.


The list of clubs currently active is as follows:


Each semester, the Foreign Language Club participates in many fun and educational activities. The volunteers learn how to act and build scenery.

They learn the behind- the-scenes jobs of putting on a play as well. The drama club provide performance opportunities. Our goal is to promote the active use of foreign languages within school limits, and beyond. We seek to stimulate interest in foreign languages and cultures and  to encourage the students to pursue the study of a foreign language. Every year the foreign languages club stages a secondary school production with students from grades 9-10 taking part in different aspects of the show from designing and painting the set, to creating the customs and acting a role. Considering drama and theatre as powerful tools for learning involving unique forms of expression that lift students out of their own world and invite them to inhabit the mind and consciousness of others, foreign language club offers variety of activities to the volunteers. Students who belong to the foreign language club get an opportunity to increase their expertise.


To express the mission and vision of TED to the students and public this club has a wide variety of projects and works. The main goal of this club is to take part in the Social Responsibility Projects.


The drama curriculum is full and varied allowing  students a rich and exciting educational experience.The Turkish theatre club offers students the opportunity to generate and develop opinions and provides invaluable skills in which they are able to communicate successfully and to work as a part of a team. With the help of professional instructors our students learn some techniques of acting, using body language, body signals, mimes and toning. At the end of the academic year the students perform a play on stage.


Students improve their cognitive abilities and enhance their memory attention and problem- salving abilities.


With the help of professional chess teachers our students learn some techniques of playing and attend tournaments.


The aim of the film club is to raise the awareness of students. It has  students discuss the topics that arise in  films. The Film club helps  students to expand their knowledge on various subjects. They also improve their organizational and social skills.  


The goal of this club is to learn the basics of jewelry making.