Teaching English at Primary School:

Our  main aim is not to teach English but make students acquire the language. That’s why  listening activities are crucial for learning English like a native speaker. The students improve their language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) using technology.

In order to create an active and enjoyable learning atmosphere in the 1st through 4th grades  we combine the  kinaesthetic method with various games, songs and visuals by taking the different learner types into consideration. Drama activities are often used  in order for students to use the language  actively, efficiently and fluently in their daily lives. The students improve both their speaking - listening skills and, at the same time, learn how to interest with others in English. The students reinforce the subjects with the help of enjoyable projects and performance tasks. Besides individual works, we aim to improve our student’s social , crtical thinking and discussion skills and encourage them to work co-operatively through  group work. Moreoever, as an English Language Department we also aim to bring them up to the level to take  the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners Exam.

Teaching English at Secondary School:

Our  main aim is to teach English at the level of European standarts and provide our students the ability to express themselves effectively.Our students have their English classes in a relaxing and changing atmosphere appropriate to the technological developments.This way  they learn the English language correlating with other cultures and lives in the world.In secondary school our students study for Cambridge ESOL exams actively as they do in the primary school.

Our students show great interest in the plays which are prepared by the English Theatre Club every year.They emphasize the importance of art by performing the plays which are rehearsed with English and Drama teachers throughout the year.