Our basic mission is to educate and train our students as prospective adults, who are committed to the ethical values, are responsible citizens of Turkey and  the world community so that they can analyze social, economic, cultural and political issues.

The philosophy of TED Zonguldak College is to enable the students to have self  esteem and be aware of themselves while enhancing continous learning both academically and emotionally. Our priority is to increase socialization by stimulating the students’ motivation. TED Zonguldak College High School offers the students a choice of enrichment activities to help them grow and mature.

Not only are our students critical, analytical and creative thinkers, but more importantly they broaden their horizons as young adults to form our future. Together with a strong academic program encircling the national and international, assistance of various activities that our students take place in, many environmentalists and social responsibility projects that build bridges with different parts of the world are reflected in the successful profile of our students and alumni.