Press and Public Relations Office



The Press and Public Relations Office carries out press, advertisement and public relations activities for TED Zonguldak College.

The office anounces the activities carried out in our school and the achievements obtained by our students in various fields to the press and public via school bulletins.

News related with education in general and specifically TED Zonguldak College Foundation Schools in particular is published both in written and visual forms  monitored by this office.

Working in coordination with other departments in carrying out activities like seminars, exhibitions, meetings, ceremonies,.etc. and organized with in TED Zonguldak College Foundation Schools,the Press and Public Relations Office fulfills the required public relations, announcements and advertisements for and during the organization of these activities. 

The Press and Public Relations Office endeavours to provide communication between parents and school in the most efficient and proper way, answers  questions about our school and supplies required information as soon as possible either via the web page or written and oral statements. The office believes that healthy communication formed among school administration, teachers, students and parents is one of the most important elements which reflects the institution's identity. Therefore, all the activities mentioned above are carried out to realize the ideal conditions of communication


Phone – Fax : 0372  2523467

Switchboard: 0372  252 2111-2531014-2533505


Public Relations Specialist : Arzu YETİMOĞLU (156)

Public Relations Official : Hazel YURTERİ (147)